Thursday, 2 August 2012

skull and girl

rose cover up

This was a bit of a challenge to cover.

(immaculate) conception

work in progress. Sorry about the bad quality pic and redness

cover up

coverup of a old tattoo. Not the best pic


Christian Sleeve

Hasil Adkins eat ya heart out

oil on board. "No more hot dogs"

Cloud Eater

Digital painting. The Cloud Eater


Painting for erotic grotesque show. "Strip"


Painting for Bienart show from a while back. "Cannonball Richards"

Old self portrait

Self portrait done at NMIT. Still a fav

Old Blog The old site... Soon to be resigned to the pages of bad blog titles in the back of the lack of attention cabinet. Includes such gems as my first colour tattoo and I practised on my own feet. A must see for anyone that likes to watch motor sports just in case there is a crash.